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The place to find modules that may suit the individual learning needs of pharmacists. Review some Retail Conference Presentations, Engage with SE-LF modules which focus on Leading and Managing a Pharmacy Team.
'Start here' for all new SE-LF learners. This is where you will find the key modules that are essential for all team members your pharmacy. The induction tab helps ensure that all members in your pharmacy team have covered an Introduction to the brand, the Service Foundations, and the Brand Standards.
Brand Standards are a way or ensuring that your pharmacy consistently presents and delivers a professional pharmacy experience to your customers. Click on the Induction button to start your Brand Standards training with the first module.
You will notice that as modules are revised, or as new modules are added to SE-LF, that the pass mark is now 100%. You can now be assured that all team members are achieving the best possible results.
Modules in Focus

Frequent heartburn & treatment
Learn about what frequent heartburn is, its causes, its triggers and the available treatment options for frequent heartburn in order to assist sufferers.
Advil® and Pain Relief
In this QCPP Module, refresh your knowledge of analgesics, how you can help customers manage pain by providing the appropriate advice, and how Advil® can help relieve the pain. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use could be harmful. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.
Flixonase Allergy and Hayfever Relief
In this module you will learn what the 2 phases of allergy symptoms are, what happens in an allergic reaction and what is best for your customers.
Dimetapp: Respiratory Care for the Whole Family
Refresh your knowledge of Cold, Flu & Allergy and how you can provide the appropriate advice for management of common cold, flu allergic rhinitis symptoms.